My African mission: CZ.NIC pairs delight as well as help Ethiopia

In the last year, CZ.NIC prepared for children pairs which include 32 themes connected with computers. While pictures are in every pair the same, their names are at one card in Czech and at the other in English. After the experience when these pairs were of use e.g. within the frame of a leisure-time club of English organized by the House of Youth and Children of Prague 9, I took the purely English variant to the Ethiopian school Halaba where I, as volunteer, teach children to work with computer within the frame of project supported by the Czech development agency.


Kleptography – a renovated method of how to get to your data is on the increase

We would considerably enjoy it if the cryptography crises limited themselves to one per day. We know, however, that it is only a wishful thinking.

Unintentional exfiltration of keys

The Chinese manufacturer of electronics Lenovo went in his greed so far that he not only pre-installs the display of advertisement on newly installed notegooks but the installed adware of third parties called Superfish even injects javascript into the code of the page being browsed; the goal is to analyze the page and to target the advertisement better. While doing this it does not limit itself only on non-coded HTTP connection.

Cyber attacks against handicapped

Window-Eyes is the so-called screen reader (reader of screen) for Microsoft Windows which is used by visually handicapped users, above all by totally blind and seriously visually handicapped users. Such software converts the content of the screen, e.g. of web pages, into the form of alternative output, most frequently as voice or Braille.