Project Turris: Majordomo enables a view over the happening in the local network

In a household, router is a central point through which a household is connected to the Internet. That is why the router is offered as a suitable place for various interesting analyses and statistics. The project Turris, that is true, offers a fairly big amount of analyses, statistics and tests, Majordomo, however, is the first tool which is intended purely for users and data are not sent from it for further processing.

Vulnerability of “rom-0“ after half year

In the previous blogposts about the error “rom-0“ I was engaged in the procedure of how to “mend“ a vulnerable router, I analysed the spreading of this error and above all I referred to the web test which we in Laboratories CZ.NIC activated at the address The last blogpost on this topic attended to the development of number of vulnerable boxes in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia during the first four months from the beginning of our measurings.

Attacks on the web honeypot

Honeynet operated by the CZ.NIC association certainly does not have to be particularly introduced to the readers of this blog. Besides articles on this blog there are also accessible source codes of operated honeypots which you can see on our GitLab. In today´s article we will focus on attacks caught on the web honeypot Glastopf.