Project Turris: Majordomo enables a view over the happening in the local network

In a household, router is a central point through which a household is connected to the Internet. That is why the router is offered as a suitable place for various interesting analyses and statistics. The project Turris, that is true, offers a fairly big amount of analyses, statistics and tests, Majordomo, however, is the first tool which is intended purely for users and data are not sent from it for further processing.

Majordomo is a tool which we decided to create in response to the case of some too smart televisions which send back to servers of the manufacturer various information which are often sensitive for users. From all data being sent, probably the most serious ones were information about files saved at a connected harddisk, etc. If the case recalled something, it was above all the fact that we can never be sure of the fact with whom our devices communicate without our knowledge.

Majordomo comes from the workshop of the project Turris and it also uses part of software used in the router Turris. From the user´s point of view, the most important is that we use a slightly modified version of our tool ucollect which is designed for the collection of data from the network. This modified version is called Icollect and in the programme there is completely missing the part which serves for communication with our servers. All processing and saving of data occurs only at the router. For this reason the data can be saved with much more detail than those ones which we analyze by the tool ucollect.

During programming of all parts we decided to limit ourselves to technologies which are already found in OpenWRT (system from which OS of routers Turris comes out). Majordomo can thus be operated also on thinner routers with small memory. We also prepare the so-called feed so as to be more easily distributed to other users of OpenWRT.


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