Useful tools for malware analysis

In early October, the international project “Cyber ​​Security in the Danube Region” organized training for security teams operating within the region. As sharing of information and knowledge are essential in the field of security, I decided to write a post in which I would like to draw attention of the security community in the Czech Republic to two very interesting free tools.

Anomalies, botnets, malicious Web sites and attacks on Synology NAS drives, or Where does Turris help?

In our Turris project, in addition to taking preventive measures that would protect users against various attacks from the outside, we also do other activities. Those include contacting clients from whose side we detect attempts to connect to IP addresses that are known to be botnets’ command and control centers, or blocking IP addresses that are used by websites to perform malicious attacks on users. During that time we have seen some curious incidents that I would like to briefly outline here.