Turris Omnia crowdfunding campaign in figures and images

A crowdfunding campaign for the Turris Omnia router on the portal Indiegogo.com ended after two months collecting 858 thousand dollars, which exceeded the original goal more than eight times. In this post, we’ll look closer at the progress of the campaign with the help of charts and tables.

The campaign skyrocketed and collected more than 100 thousand dollars during the first 24 hours. It was mainly due to the fact that the information about the campaign was sent to everyone who previously registered as potential buyer of Omnia. In the following days, the campaign gradually slowed down and with the exception of a few days, when the project was mentioned on an interesting portal, the daily collection did not exceed 10 thousand dollars. That changed with the advent of the new year. At the end of the campaign, we collected over $111 thousand in one day, almost as much as for the whole December.

Daily increase chart

Daily increase in dollars

Graph of daily contributions development

Development of daily contributions in dollars

Monthly increase chart

Monthly increase in dollars

The development of contributions in individual countries was also interesting. From the beginning until the end of the campaign, the Czech Republic was on top, although its margin has changed with time. The United States were in second place, and Germany almost caught up with them in some moments. Probably the most interesting for us was the stunning leap in orders from the Czech Republic in the last few days of the campaign. This shows especially well in relative visualization of the individual countries.

Graph of contributions by country

Development of contributions in dollars by country

Graph of relative representation of countries

Development of relative representation of countries in percentage

Concerning the countries, we noticed another interesting thing. Peoples differed significantly in their willingness to buy, which could be expressed by the number of visits per one purchase. The following table shows the numbers for the some countries.

Country Visits per contribution
Switzerland 25,44
Austria 40,84
Sweden 47,14
Germany 50,34
Great Britain 54,63
Slovakia 54,79
France 57,46
Czech Republic 59,44
Poland 71,97
Ireland 75,50
USA 79,39
Japan 83,72
Russia 145,33
Greece 149,70

Number of visits per contribution

Most easily convinced were visitors from Switzerland, where each 25th visit led to purchase of some of the perks, the hardest to convince were people from Greece, where it required six times more visits.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the success of the individual perks. Overall, we sold over 3400 fully equipped routers in different combinations (by itself, with a T-shirt, with stickers, etc.), 160 routers without WiFi and less than 70 separate boards. In the last days of the campaign we also offered additional perks – LTE kit, a kit for hackers and the RAM extension to 2 GB. These new perks were very popular and in a couple of days almost 2000 pieces were sold. The most successful were the 2 GB RAM bought by over 1500 customers, almost half of them.

Graph of the development of the number of sold perk

Development of the number of sold perks

At the conclusion I will add that after the end of the first phase we immediately switched the campaign into the so-called InDemand mode, i.e. continuous financing, in which we have already collected over 60 thousand dollars. If you are interested in Omnia, you still have a chance to join and support the project.


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