Turris Omnia campaign enters a new phase

It is hard to believe, but it is almost half a year since the Omnia campaign started on Indiegogo. In that time, much has changed. Most importantly, we now know that there is a place on the market for a high-end open-source router – we have one million US dollars to prove it :).

And this means that while we are feverishly working towards fulfilling all the obligations from the campaign, we also have to plan the subsequent retail sale. For this, the campaign was an invaluable source of information and experience. We have learned what people want, what they don’t and what are the internal costs of providing new perks and options. Based on this experience, we plan to streamline the portfolio we offer and focus only on the key products in the future.

This means that many of the products that we have offered during the campaign will be discontinued for future sale. And because the start of manufacturing of routers sold in the campaign is getting near, we have to end the campaign in its current form soon.

The date was set to May 5th and it will be a day of big changes:

• only products intended for future retail sale will remain available – special perks such as LTE pack, Hacker pack and the no Wi-Fi versions will be discontinued

• there will be no color options for the router

• the delivery date of all newly claimed perks will change to October 2016

• the price of perks will raise by roughly 10 % and get closer to the expected retail price

The recently introduced NAS set will as the only speciality still be available because it is manufactured independently, but we plan to discontinue it in later on as well. Depending on demand, we might introduce a ready made NAS version of Omnia later this year.

So if you are still deciding whether to buy yourself an Omnia now or later, do not hesitate for too long. It is the last chance to get a potentially valuable unique collectible :).


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