We’re getting closer to the finishing line!

Our second crowdfunding campaign for Turris routers will end in a week. The first one for Turris Omnia ended up being a phenomenal success. That time we set our target amount to USD 100,000. In 60 days, we collected an incredible USD 875,000, which was — and still is — the second highest amount collected in Czech campaigns. That’s why we figured that in the case of MOX we definitely cannot stay too close to the ground in order to maintain our trustworthiness. Eventually, we set the target amount to USD 250,000, which, compared to Omnia, looks like a low figure, but it is actually quite ambitious. This campaign is different in two important respects:

1. The campaign period is 45 days, instead of the 60 days for Omnia.
2. The lowest perk for Omnia was $99, for MOX it is $29.

So if we try and estimate the result, then 857 * (45/60) * (29/99) = 188. But, of course, this is an overly simplified method: there are other perks in play, as well as the fact that the MOX campaign also had a short non-public pre-campaign. However, I think that it clearly illustrates that achieving this goal is not easy.

At this point, we have over 60% of the target amount. It does not sound too optimistic, but again, we can compare it to the Omnia campaign. One week before the end of the campaign, 56% was collected. But each campaign is different and I firmly believe that this post will not deter our potential supporters. The individual parts and assemblies are offered at really low prices and it is definitely going to change when it gets to commercial sales. It would, of course, be a great shame if this unique product never saw the light of day and the Turris project lost some funding. So please help us get to the finishing line, so that the first modular SOHO router may see the light of day!


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