Cyber Trouble: an educational game for children and adults

Do you enjoy playing Dobble? Do you know your way around digital technologies? Combine the pleasant with the useful and play our new game, which we called Cyber Trouble. You can download it in PDF, print it (ideally on heavier paper), cut it and start playing straight away.

In the enclosed glossary you will find the names of all 57 symbols used, for which I have created a more detailed explanation. But any player can call the pictures as they like. It doesn’t matter whether you say ‘heart’ or ‘like’, ‘panties’ or ‘sexting’, ‘trash can’ or ‘spam’ while playing. The goal of the game is to entertain even the youngest players, to whom parents will gradually explain everything as they get older. And it’s all right if they call CAPTCHA ‘ugly letters’. In time, they will learn that this is an acronym for the so-called Turing test, which aims to prevent Internet bots from sending forms or spamming discussion boards.

You can play Cyber Trouble at almost any age and across all generations. Our goal is to introduce in a playful manner to the youngest children concepts from the field of digital technologies and cybersecurity. To older children, we want to offer extended information: where it is possible to verify fake news, how to generate a QR code, or why turn off Bluetooth when we are not using it. We believe that even adults will find some new knowledge or inspiration in our glossary. Did you know what PEGI rating tells you, who a cyber-groomer is, and that phantom vibration is associated with an addiction? Even seniors can enjoy playing the game and learn how to recognize secure websites, why they should use an antivirus program, and what hashtags are actually for.

In addition to the pictures, you will also find the logo of our project Safely on the Net that gave birth to this educational game, as well as the logo of our project partner, Safety Line. Tablexia, an app that promotes the development of cognitive abilities, has also found its place of honor here. Olda the monkey’s head, in turn, represents the popular book THE ONLINE ZOO. Last but not least, the logo with a smiling mobile phone will remind you of the Safer Internet Day coordinated in the Czech Republic by the CZ.NIC Association. The symbols in the game were drawn by our graphic artist Aneta Biskupová, who has drawn, for example, the environment of Tablexia, and also illustrated the comic books “How to Use the Internet” and “How to Use the Internet, Safely”, both of which are available for free download at our CZ.NIC Publications.



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